if I create

If I Create

The wind at my back, and filling each lung,
The gift of life’s breath is aiding my run.
Pushing me further than ever before,
Fueling a vessel of element’s core.

The sun on my skin is warming my blood,
Rushing life energy strong as a flood.
Aiding the balance in keeping my stride,
Darkness within left with no place to hide.

Water then comes, rushing straight to the shore,
Rushing to greet me and show me much more.
Washing away ache and pain from my form,
Cooling my blood when it reaches too warm.

Pounding so hard on the earth at my feet,
I send it compassion, such abuse it must meet.
Taking the load continually still,
Leaving me focus to use for my will.

Not sure where I’m going or all that’s ahead,
Uncertainty still, with much left to be said.
Elements combine…water, wind, earth, and the sun,
Little else matters because, I STILL RUN.

August, 2004
Kristopher Michael Butler

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